Saturday, July 15, 2017

Swimming with Cousins

 Chanelle drove in a day before our trip so we had a little swim party at my parents house. I don't know if I have ever seen kids that have so much fun together!  It was crazy how they all play so well together and even though they don't see each other very often its like they have never been apart! It is such a neat thing to see! I am so grateful that my kids have such special relationships with their cousins.

It is also nice that this year Clara is doing really well with the water and loves her puddle jumper and wears it all the time and has a great time playing. It has made it so much easier on me this year.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Negro Bar

Kristen drove into town because she and the kids were coming with us on a little California coast trip that we were taking.  So the day after they got in we wanted to do something fun with Grandma and Judy since that was all they were going to be seeing them. My mom had taken the big kids to a place called Negro Bar, which is just down from Folsom lake.  They had a great time and Kevin and I wanted to go too. We rented kayaks and were able to paddle around for an hour.  It was such a blast!  Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures on the kayaks because I was afraid of my phone getting ruined or falling in, so it is all just in memory. We found a little cove that had really shallow water so the kids got out and played over there. It was a really fun time and something we will definitely be doing again. We brought a picnic lunch because they had some really great shade and picnic tables and were able to have a really fun lunch there. Afterward we let the kids play around in the water for a while. I had no interest. I hate going in freezing water, but the kids love it!

Lizzy and Ruby discovered they had the same swimming suit which was a fun little thing.

                                                        The kids had such a fun time!

Freddy killed me the whole time. He is such a funny kid. The night before he had thrown up in the middle of the night but he was totally fine int he morning and was telling me all about how much he had thrown up and the noises he made.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Independence Day

We had a great independence Day even if it was here in California. Its the only day the whole year that I wish I could be in Utah instead.  
We started the day by running the 5K. Lizzy of course did amazing and beat us all. I thought I would do better than I did, but it was hard! I'm hoping to do even better next year! 

 While we were running Nellie stayed home and watched the little kids and got them ready for the parade. She did a great job.  Lizzy and Kevin stayed and found us a place to sit while I ran and got donuts and ran home and ge tthe kids for the parade.

 Then we went to the parade. It was better than last year at least. The kids got quite a bit of candy so that was fun for them.

These kids. I still look at them and cant believe they are all mine! 

After the parade we went home and spent the afternoon making patriotic crafts. I thought the shirts would be a lot easier than they were, but the stencils were hard to make and it ended up taking the whole afternoon to make them.  We were going to have a barbecue with my parents but Lizzy was all bummed that we weren't having friends over and invited her friend and then her family just decided to have us over, which I feel like we invited ourselves. But it ended up being so fun, it was hard to drag my parents  along because they get so funny about stuff like that, but they came and had a good time. 

 The kids loved it because they have a pool so they got to go swimming too! This was the kids eating their dinner.
                                                  These two little wet monkeys.

 We pooled all our fireworks together and had a fun show. It ended up being a dang good thing we went there because the fireworks Kevy and I thought we got ended up all being poppers!  We were so mad!  It was a big case too!
 Clara was fine as long as I held her ears for her.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Summer Picnic

Every summer we make a bucket list of things we want to do in the summer and then I try my very hardest to get in as many as I can. The kids always like having picnics and we like to try and find new fun parks that we have never been to before. I had it all planned and then Lizzy and Nellie got invited at the last minute to go roller skating. Jane was a little bummed because she always wants to be clumped with the big girls but that isn't always the case. So we met Kevy at a new park and we had a great time together. Jane even had fun. 

 Clara is just getting so big and has so much fun being with the big kids and doing what they do.

 These two!  They have been getting a long so much better than they used to.  Now it is Annie and Clara that are freniemies. Is it Annie?  Or is it just the age?

 Jane looks so little standing next to that big tree.

 Digging in the dirt getting all dirty.
Love this crazy boy!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Lizzy's First year!!

It was Lizzy's first year to go to girls camp.  She was so excited, and I was so excited for her!  I have a bit of a complex relationship with girls camp. I only went three years because I started working really early and had jobs when it was girls camp. The years that I did go were a mixed bag.  My first year was not great.  I know now as an adult that it was mostly my own doing. I had a hard time getting along with certain people and I know it caused a lot of trouble with the leaders.  Its good to know as an adult that I have outgrown a lot of the bad tendencies I had as a kid that made my life difficult. I am so grateful that Lizzy is nothing like I was at the same age. She is so happy and friendly and gets along with everyone. Oh how I still strive to be more like her!   

Our stake decided to shorten girls camp so we dropped them off on Wednesday morning and they were home by Saturday at noon, I personally think it is way too short of a time to be there. It is barely more than two day that they are actually there!! I am hoping next year that they change it and make it a day longer. 

 It was fun to get pictures of her at girls camp so it felt like we could take part in her experience a little bit. 

 They were the cheer ward so their theme was Cheerleaders and of course Lizzy is the smallest so she always was the one on top.

The kids were so entranced when Lizzy got home about all that she had done and wanted to see everything she got there. She also taught them all the really obnoxious camp songs she learned so they could drive Kevin and me up the walls one every drive we went on. Haha! 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Empire Mine

My sister Janae and her boys came to visit, which is alsways so fun!  We love it when family comes to visit us, even though it isnt often enough. We are so lucky that we have so many cousins and we have such a good time when we get to see them!  We try and take our visitors to do fun things when they are here so that they will have a good time and want to come back and visit. I had seen pictures of a friend I know that had gone to Empire Mine and it looked really cool so I wanted to take everyone. It ended up being such a fun day!  

It was a pretty warm day so we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible. The grounds there were euper amazing!  The landscaping was breathtaking!

WE walked around the grounds for a while while we waited for the mine tour. We wanted to go on the cottage tour but we arrived too late for it, so we just walked around.

This was the cottage.  It wasn't actually a cottage but more of a mansion, but it was designed to look like an English cottage so that is what they called it.

They had a pond type of thing but back in the days of the mine it used to be a pool.  There were so many cool things to see.
I'm so glad that it was a Flex Friday so Kevy could come with us.  Its always more fun when he gets to be with us.

I'm loving all these kids getting big and independent.  We had such a fun time and it wasn't too crazy, and we didn't have to try and wheel a stroller around which is always nice.  We started on the mine tour but the poor tour guide started out okay but quickly went downhill. He rambled on and on and tried to crack jokes but they weren't funny. The kids were not excited and were getting restless. So we decided to just finish of the tour ourselves and check out the mine.

It was pretty crazy going down into the mine and imagining the workers going down deep in the earth for a job. I'm glad I didn't live in that time

It was fun that Judy and Grandma could come on our little day trip with us. We love having adventures and I am so excited for many more things to do and explore. 
 After the mine it was lunchtime so we went into Grass Valley to eat. I wanted to be adventurous and eat at a local place but when we went in and Janae and my mom saw the prices, (even though they weren't that much) they said no, lets find a Subway. The thing that sucks is that by the time we buy food for everyone it ended up being super pricey even at subway. Oh well.