Friday, April 14, 2017

South Yuba River State Park

I try and do fun things with the kids.  I honestly want them to have great memories of their childhood and feel like I did fun things with them. During spring break I wanted to take them on a little day trip, so we decided to check out South Yuba River State park.  My friend Amy suggested it and I totally go with whatever she tells me because she knows the coolest things to go see.

We woke up on a morning where it was overcast and maybe going to rain. I packed a lunch so we could have a little picnic. But the morning got away from us just like it always seems to, and we didn't end up leaving until almost lunch time. I was not in a great mood because the kids hadn't been very good helpers that morning and then we realized we had no gas so I had to stop and get gas. At that point I honestly wanted to just cancel it because with possible rain I thought it was probably just going to  be a train wreck. But we pressed on and I am so so glad that we did because we ended up having the BEST time!  It ended up being one of those magical days that I will remember forever.  It was kind of damp and misty day but it didn't start raining until right when we were leaving and since it was a rainy day, we were the only ones there, so it was extra special to explore and roam on our own.

                                                               Such a pretty picture!
 What a goofball!

 We found a little sandy area where we could play in the water a bit. although it was pretty cold, so we just decided to explore and find rocks to skip. We also had a rock throwing contest and I came to learn that I'm not the best at throwing stuff.  Haha!

 Clara founds a rock that she just treasured. I love her piggies!
 Lizzy learned how to skip rocks. It wasn't an ideal place to do it, but she learned pretty well and got the hang of it.

It was cool to see a piece of history here, this is the oldest covered bridge in the world.  It was built in 1862.

 There is something about my kids or maybe all kids and rocks!  They just cant seem to get enough!  They will come home with pockets full of them and still wished they had collected more!

                                     Another girl with her rock.  The obsession is real!

 We went on a little walk down a path that took us down the river a little ways.
 This place was pretty much paradise for the kids, with all these rocks!
 The scenery was seriously breathtaking! It was so green it was unreal!
                                                I love this picture of the kids!
 I love this silly monkey! She is so fun and so easy to have around!
 I absolutely hate selfies of me because I always think, "do I really look this bad in real life?!" But I just really wanted a picture with my kids so even though I look bad in it, I will still keep it.
 Since it was an old pioneer town there was this old gas station, which was fun to explore.
 After walking around for a bit the kids wanted to go back to that water before we left.

                    I love the picture of Russ with his stick carrying his jacket.

On the way home I stopped by this little town that is on a lake to take a picture of the dam, because it was really cool looking. 
We had the best day together and I am so glad I can be home with these crazy kids of mine to be together and make memories together!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Annie's Party

 Grandma was in Utah for Clara's birthday so she brought back a present for her when we celebrated

She loved the cute unicorn pillow pet Grandma and Grandpa got her and it even smelled like cotton candy.  She has to sleep with it now too.
Annie got a bike from me and Kevin, but I wanted her to be able to open a present for her birthday so we got her a shopkins beach towel since her birthday was shopkins after all and she loves shopkins so much.
Grandma and Grandpa got Annie this cute doggie purse and Annie quickly named it Kevy. It was funny that she named it that because it is a girl dog, but that's okay.
Annie also got this cute mermaid shirt since she still loves mermaids.
Annie wanted a shopkins cake for her birthday and I thought it needed to be bright because Shopkins are always so bright but that may have been a bad idea because the brightness made it also taste kind of bitter. Oh well, I wont do that again!

Annie loved it and thought it was awesome so I guess that is all that matters.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Clara's Party

When we got home from our trip we had our family party with the big kids for Clara. They were excited to help Clara celebrate. She got spoiled this year with all of the celebrating she got to do. 

 I made her a Minnie cake because she likes Minnie and Mickey the most right now.
                           She had to help me put the Minnie on top of the cake.

 We got her a cute book, because one of her favorite things is to read books.  Especially ones where she can lift the flap or touch or something like that. This one had tabs you pull out to see pictures and she liked it a lot.
She also got a helmet because she loves to be out riding with the big kids and needed a little helmet to stay safe.  It is an owl one that is a lot like the one that Annie has, so we thought it would be fun for them to be matching.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Trip to Utah

Kevin and I were going on a little business trip to Las Vegas and my mom was watching the four older kids at home and the two youngest were going to stay with Kevin's parents in St George. So Kevin and I drove them there and dropped them off. It just so happened that we drove on Clara's birthday. So i had to get a picture of her cheesy little grin in the back seat. She and Annie were really good on the drive out. 

 That little sleepy face is just too much!!

I have a picture of Lizzy and Nellie around the same age and they were at Grammie and Papi's and were in these towels so I felt like I had to recreate the same thing.  So cute!
Clara decided to warm up to Grammie and Papi really quickly and loved to go sit with them and read with them.
Since we were there on Clara's birthday  we decided that it would be fun to have a little party for her since we never get to celebrate  with much family.  It was so fun to have Kevin's family get to participate a little.
Its so fun to watch Clara get big and start to get excited about things.  She really loved opening the presents. Of course Annie really loved "helping" her. Haha!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Clara- 2 Years

It seems crazy to me that my baby is two!  How can this be?  But man we are loving it!  She is just the sweetest easiest little girl and I am so grateful for that!  I feel so lucky too because she is an amazing sleeper as well.  I really love her easy going nature.  She is really the perfect ending to our family and I am so glad that we had her.  It really feels complete with her in it.

Clara is really quiet and is just barely starting to really say much at all.  She is a little behind what the other kids were verbally and at first I was a little concerned but I think she will pick it up and be just fine. She is super snuggly too which is like hitting the jackpot on your last kid. She will sit with me and I can kiss and snuggle her. She loves to give kisses and hugs and she will just hug and hug. It's the best!  Clara really loves Annie and loves to be with her and play with her. Most of the time Annie is really sweet with her but occasionally she is really mean to Clara. Its really sad.

Clara is the best eater and never really went through the bad eating phase that a lot of kids go through at this age. She reminds me of Lizzy in this way and she loves fruits and vegetables best just like Lizzy.  In fact one of her favorite things is raw onion. I have never seen a little kid like that!  She will sneak up on the counter when I am cutting up onions and will snack on them. She does this with any fruit and veggies I am cutting up.

Clara loves Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse a lot. It is really cute. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her favorite show to watch. She also really likes shopkins and baby dolls too. Really anything that Annie is into she is too.  She also loves the rest of her siblings so much too! She especially has a really great relationship with Lizzy and seeing them together is seriously the sweetest thing

I really just can't get over how sweet she is an I am so grateful that I get to be her mom!