Monday, November 28, 2016

Our Thanksgiving Trip

We decided to make the trek to Utah to see family for Thanksgiving.  Since we have lived in California we hadn't yet gone anywhere for Thanksgiving.  We spent the first part of our trip with the Prices.  All of the kids were in absolute heaven because they just love the Price cousins. I am so glad that Chanelle had Lucy because it is so fun for Annie and Clara to have girl cousins their age.

We had a dinner with all of the Utah Hansens at Erica's house.  It was so cute to see Russell with Harvey.  He is absolutely entranced to think that there are little boys, because all he knows is sisters.  Harvey just loved Russ too, it was really cute to see them together.

One of the nights we went down to Provo because it has been over 12 years since I have been down there and I really wanted to see what it was like.  It was so nostalgic to see all the things and places that were such a part of me growing up.  Then we took the kids to the Bean museum, which was so fun!  Clara especially loved seeing all the animals.  She is obsessed right now./
Russ had to get his picture with a blond bear because that is what he is!  I love this cute boy of mine.
There was a little play area that Clara loved to play on. She went down the slide at least twenty times.

After the Bean museum and dinner we went to the new Provo Rec Center which was amazing!  The indoor pool was so fun!  There was a whole play area and cliffs to jump off and a lazy river.  It was just too much fun.
Russ and Anne were beyond thrilled to play and were absolute daredevils. They were so cute.

Clara had the best time too. I was worried after how awful she was last summer with the pool but she didn't act that way at all. She had so much fun and was just the sweetest little thing even though it was actually past her bedtime.  It was a really fun trip.  Its just hard trying to split time with family because we could easily spend the whole time with either side.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Our Baseball Boy

 After having Russ have so much interest in baseball we decided to put him in t-ball to see if it was something he really wanted to do. It was fall ball which meant it was a lot less pressure and more relaxed which is great for figuring out whether or not he really wants to do this. 
 Kevin helped out as an assistant coach and seeing shots like this was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. I loved seeing both my boys out there doing something they love together!
 Russ and Kevin had spent a lot of the spring and summer playing baseball with Kevin pitching it to Russ and Russ becoming quite a good hitter, so Russ struggled a little bit with the whole hitting off a tee thing.  But that's okay. He doesn't need to hit it off a tee if he can hit it from a pitch.

It was really cute watching him get so excited about playing baseball.  He did struggle with wanting to play in outfield on the right side because that's the side that never gets hits so he just has to stand there. 

The girls had fun cheering on Russ as well.
He loved when they got trophys too.  It was really cute to see him play baseball this year and I think it is the start of many years to come.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


We had a great Halloween this year.  It was nice because the kids have gotten used to the fact that we aren't really willing to spend a great deal of money on costumes so they have to figure something out with what we already have.

 Jane wanted to be a pirate and wear the costume that we already had that we made for Lizzy a few years ago.  She looked really cute as a little pirate girl too.
 Russ wanted to be Clayton Kershaw and it worked out so perfectly because he had just gotten a Kershaw jersey for his birthday and he had all the other clothes.  It worked out great. He was just the cutest little baseball guy. I love that he posed like this without me even saying anything.
 Annie of course wanted to be her favorite,  and we of course didn't own an Ariel costume, so we had to buy one. We tried to use it as bribery to get her to try and keep her pants dry since she will never do it. But it wasn't really that successful and we couldn't exactly not let her have her sotume when it was the day of.
 Clara absolutely LOVES mickey mouse and she likes Minnie too, so when we remembered that we had this costume she had to be it.  She actually really liked dressing up and she even liked wearing the Minnie ears.  I have never seen a kid her age that would keeps things on their head for very long but she will and she did for the whole night. She wouldn't let me take her picture however unless I let her use my phone.  She has a crazy addiction to phones right now.  Its almost a little scary.
 Luckily Lizzy was willing to try and figure out a costume, she came up with this FBI agent costume and I think it was perfect.
 Nellie came up with this skeleton costume from stuff we already had around the house.  I wish I was really good at doing makeup but it didn't look too bad.
I just love this little gang.  We didn't go out for very long because it was drizzly that night, but I feel like we got just the right amount in.  We went with our friends the Waldrons and it was so much fun.  I think we will try and go with them again next year.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Day

The kids had Halloween off of school so we had a little special Halloween lunch. Kevin didn't come home because he had a work lunch, but the kids and I had fun together. We had mummy dogs and fruit and veggies.  Clara loved sitting at the table with the big kids.  After the meal we carved our pumpkins.  It ended up being a fun day.

 WE made this cute smiley one for Annie girl. and Jane did this cute ghost all by herself.
 Russell wanted a scary one so this is what I came up with.

Lizzy wanted to make Jack the pumpkin king for her pumpkin, so I drew the pattern on for her and she carved it.  It turned out really cute I thought. we made the ghost one for Clara.
And Nellie made the one with the fangs.  It was fun to come up with faces on our won and for me to draw the patterns on for the kids.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lizzy turns 12!!

 I feel like a broken record but I just cant help it!  How can Lizzy be 12 already?  I swear it was just yesterday that I was pregnant with her! I am blown away ever single day at how fast my kids are growing and how fast time is just zooming by.  This is such a big milestone birthday! She is now in young womens! I am so glad that I get to be with her in there a little bit.  Even if maybe she is getting the tiniest bit annoyed with how uncool I am. I know that it was bound to happen and every kid goes through it, but it is still hard when it does! I got to take her out for her birthday to pick out her presents and then we went and got a little bundt cake for her actual birthday since we always have the big cake celebration on sunday.  I loved getting to hang out with her and when we are one on one she is the most fun person to be around.  I always have a great time when we are together.

Lizzy asked for a white cake with raspberry filling and then she wanted it frosted purple since that is her favorite with yellow flowers.  I think I have gotten pretty good at frosting cakes, but I decided to do three layers of filling and it made it incredibly hard to frost.  Oh well she was still really happy with how it turned out.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Apple Hill

I can't help but look forward every year to our annual trip up to Apple Hill.  This year I wanted to try some different orchards because I feel like we always do the same ones and I just wanted to change things up a bit especially since High Hill is always so busy! So my friend had been up there recently and told me a couple to try out.   We went to Apple Ridge Farm first and I really loved it!  It didn't have nearly as many people as High Hill but still a lot of fun things to do. We loved their Kettle Corn too, it was to die for, and I don't even like Kettle corn!

This picture makes me laugh with her little hands there, trying to peek over.
I love this little monkey too and her cute smile.

There was a fun little mining thing where the kids got to sift through sand and find treasures.  It was really cute.

There was even a nature trail which was really fun to go and take a little walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  It was such a beautiful day, even if I was wishing it was very cool.  I get to fall and I get so antsy for the cool weather, even if I don't want it to get too cold.
After that we headed to Kids Inc. It was another farm I had heard good stuff about but never been. It also wasn't too crowded and it had some of the most beautiful scenery.  We decided to have lunch there and it worked out well that the cute kids table opened up right when we needed it. The kids loved eating their lunch there. Espcially little Clara.  She thought she was SOO big.

She was really into her food.
We tried to get a family picture but the sun was just so bright.  Obviously since we don't have a picture without Annie and Russ covering their eyes.

There was also a fun craft for the kids to do, decorating pumpkins.  The kids loved doing that too.  We were going to try and go to High Hill after that but Annie needed to get back for a birthday party and the traffic getting into High Hilll was crazy!  It was such a fun day though and I am glad we have a couple more orchards to choose from now!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

All about Russell-5 Years

I cant believe that this boy of mine is already five!  How can that be?  He has always been the sweetest boy but somehow I think he has become even sweeter!  We call him our bear and he will always come up to me and say "I think you need a bear hug." and then give me the greatest tightest hug.  My heart!   He is always so sweet with his sisters and he has really started to even try and help with Clara.  He loves to try and hold her.  He and Annie also seem to be getting a long a lot better than they used to, so thank goodness for that!  He has turned even more into a little miniature Kevin, if that was even possible.  He just seems to love everything that Kevin does and it is just the cutest thing.  He has become obsessed with baseball which of course is Kevin's favorite.  He will ask "Is today dayplay?" Meaning is it a day game for the dodgers?  He loves the dodgers and call them his team. He actually has a bunch of dodger stuff because he wants to have all dodger stuff like his backpack and his lunchbox..  He even wanted a Kershaw jersey for his birthday, of all the things he could get.  Kevin was so proud.  He loves to help Kevin fix anything and whenever Kevin is working on stuff he has to be right beside him.  
Russell started Transitional Kindergarten because he wasn't quite old enough for regular kindergarten, and he has been doing so amazing at it.  I am in awe of how his mind has grown so much is such a short amount of time. He seems to be picking up letters and sounds and math at a really great pace now.  It's fun because for a long time I was a little worried because he showed absolutely zero interest in learning stuff.  He just wanted to play.  But now he will always tell me guess what letter this word starts with and he will sound things out.  He also really loves to try and add things and subtract things.  He always looks forward to going to school.  I'm sure all the kids in class like each other, but they always seem so excited to see him when he gets there. 

He is such a good eater and he actually eats a lot!  I think I am just seeing a preview of what the teenage years will be like for that!  He always tells me he likes the food I make which is so sweet.  I seriously cant say enough how sweeet this boy is.  He really loves when my parents come over and always makes sure to give them big hugs when they leave.  A funny thing about Russell is that he is really wanting to be one of the big kids so we will put him to bed with Annie, but when Annie falls asleep he will come down where we are with the big girls and say "I saw you gave me a wink so that means I can stay up."  I don't know where the whole wink thing came from because I never give him a wink, but we have been letting him stay up a little with the girls and he thinks he is pretty hot stuff when he does it.  I feel so very grateful that we were blessed with our Russy Bear!  WE couldn't have asked for a better kid!  We love him so much!